Builders Economic House / Minimal Traditional

circa 1945 – 1965

Builders Economic Houses and the Economic small houses were frequently built from mail order plans, kits, and catalogs, such as those made by the Michigan-based Aladdin homes, which offered buyers “redi-cut homes.” These homes were built according to a size, style and price that was most in demand during the period. Minimal Traditional houses represent a composite style that features traditional plans and forms but with minimal decorative details and without the ornamental exuberance of pre-World War II styles. The size and style changed to reflect market trends but the houses shared many of these characteristics:

  • Often built in large-tract housing developments on smaller plots
  • Or small and compact “stand-alone” houses
  • Built of wood, brick, stone, or a mixture of wall-cladding materials
  • Eaves and rake not overhanging
  • Usually one story
  • Traditional designs
  • Small houses
  • Minimal decorative details that evoke historic architectural styles